Sport Trips


Sports events always create a buzz and leave memories that remain long after the crowds have dispersed. Whether viewing, spectating, or taking part, we can help you with a wide variety of sports events.

Some of the trips we operate on a regular basis

  • European Formula One Motor Racing
  • Le Mans 24 hours
  • London Marathon
  • Water Polo tours with coaching and competition
  • MotoGP or Isle of Man – motor bikes
  • Football (soccer) training and competition
  • Football (soccer) watching matches including the English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A matches
  • Stadium tours
  • Golf tours; playing at some of the world’s best courses throughout Europe
  • Rugby tours; youth and adult touring teams playing matches in Italy, France and the UK
  • Tennis tours in Spain, France and the UK
  • Hockey tours in the Netherlands and Spain
  • Synchronised swimming tours with coaching and competitions
  • Cricket in the UK and Morocco

Sports Tours

Hockey Tour of the Netherlands

Students who want to practice their hockey skills against other teams while visiting a foreign country will love this tour in the Netherlands. Not only will they hone their skills but they will also see some of the Netherlands main sights during this tour.

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