The Da Vinci Code Trail

This is the film tour everyone wants to take. Visit the locations of the book and film in Paris, London and Edinburgh to bring the whole event to life.

Add in some detours, some more information, or is it mis-information? Decipher the riddles, perhaps those clues are really in there

Itinerary at a Glance

Day One: Arrive in Paris

  • A meet and greet at Paris CDG airport followed by a coach transfer with our special ‘Da Vinci Code’ tour manager to the hotel
  • An afternoon walking tour of the Louvre; the Denon wing, the Mona Lisa, the pyramid; could they really have made that jump?
  • An overnight stay in central Paris.

Day Two: Full Day in Paris

  • A tour of Paris with coach and guide.  Not only does the group see the superb sights of Paris, but also the many locations of the book and film; the Ritz hotel, Saint Sulpice church, the Arago plaques, the Arc du Carousel, the Pont du Carrousel and the astronomical gnomon.
  • Free afternoon for exploring, taking in more clues, hunting down more locations used in the film or to take some time out for shopping.
  • An overnight stay in central Paris.

Day Three: Chateaux Villette and Clos Luce

  • First to Chateau Villette the location for Teabing’s house and a tour of the gardens, before travelling on to Chartres to view the wonderful cathedral and maze; the meanings of the sacred geometry are still open to much debate.
  • Finally to Chateau Clos Luce in Amboise, home to Leonardo da Vinci for many years. Discover the amazing collection of 40 inventions, drawn by Leonardo himself and constructed by IBM; the first automobile, the tank, the parachute, the helicopter, the swing bridge.  No codex or hidden clues here though!
  • Return to Paris

Day Four: To London

  • A morning transfer to the Paris station of Gare du Nord for the Eurostar train to London.  Travel across northern France at 300 km/h whilst re-reading the Da Vinci Code novel.
  • Arrive in London for a city tour of the Da Vinci code highlights:
  • Westminster Abbey, with the tomb of Isaac Newton
  • Temple Church, built by the Knight’s Templar (originally soldier monks who protected pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem) with its most unusual circular nave.  Situated in the Inner Temple, Temple Church is the epicentre of Templar/Priory activities in the UK. This is where Langdon and Neveu begin their search in London for the Holy Grail.
  • The tour will also pass by Kings College London, St.James Park, and Opus Dei London office, along with the more general sights of London.
  • An overnight stay in London.

Day Five: Free Day in London

  • A free day in London to explore more sights; the National Gallery with the painting ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ by Leonardo da Vinci, again used in the book to help decipher the code.  Alternatively a chance to soak up the atmosphere and take in some shopping.
  • An overnight stay in London.

Day Six: To Glastonbury

  • Depart London by executive touring coach for Glastonbury, where many believe the Holy Grail was hidden by Joseph of Arimathea. Dan Brown does gives a different perspective on the meaning of the Holy Grail, but Glastonbury has been so tied up and linked with this for centuries it is definitely worth the journey to make up your own mind.
  • Climb Glastonbury Tor, then descend to visit the abbey said by many to be a resting place for the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus drank from at Last Supper, or is it as Dan Drown asserts, the bloodline of Christ and Mary Magdalene?
  • Overnight stay in Bath.

Day Seven: Heading North

  • Passing through the picturesque Cotswolds, travel to Burghley House.  Originally built by one of Queen Elizabeth I advisors, it was used in the film for the interior of Castle Gandolfo.
  • Continue to Belvoir Castle, another location that was used in the film instead of Castle Gandolfo near Rome.  Tour the house and grounds that will bring back many memories from the film.
  • Continue to Lincoln and visit the cathedral – this cathedral was used instead of Westminster Abbey in the film.

Day Eight: To Edinburgh

  • North to York, for a short stop to view this wonderful city before continuing north into Scotland and Edinburgh.

Day Nine: Edinburgh’s Da Vinci Code Sites

  • A morning city tour taking in the Castle and Freemasons Hall.  Over the ages there have been many links made between the Freemasons and the Knights Templar, so this is definitely worth exploring as background to the plots in the novel and film.  Walk the Royal Mile taking in all the wonderful city sights.
  • An afternoon excursion to Roslin and a visit to Rosslyn Chapel built in 1446 which plays a major part in the film.  This chapel is linked to many legends and groups; the freemasons, the Knights Templar. The interpretations of its carvings may have links to the Norse, Christian and Jewish faiths.  The guide will explain the details whilst you take in the amazing carvings and surroundings.
  • Return to Edinburgh for a farewell dinner in a local restaurant.

Day Ten: Flight Home

  • Transfer to Edinburgh airport for departure flight home.